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Justices of the Peace

2023-2024 Stone County Justices of the Peace

Justice Jim Bullard

District 1

(870) 214-0016

Justice Travis Trammell

District 2

(870) 213-5363

Justice Tim Hudspeth

District 3

(719) 722-0345

Justice Jason Kocher

District 4

(870) 363-4278

Justice Ronald Clark

District 5

(870) 615-0275

Justice Seth Templin

District 6

(501) 270-1896

Justice Michael W. Vickers

District 7

(870) 213-7172

Justice John Dawson Irvin

District 8

(870) 269-2703

Justice Eddie Cowell

District 9

(870) 214-6645

Quorum Court Meetings

When: 2nd Thursday each month @ 5:30PM

Where: Stone County Court Complex - 211 Blanchard Ave, Mountain View, AR 72560

Quorum Court

The Quorum Court is the legislative body of county government. A member of the Quorum Court is called Justice of the Peace, or "JP," and is elected for two-year terms. The Stone County Quorum Court is made up of 9 Justices representing each of the 9 geographic districts in Stone County. In the event of a vacancy, the Governor fills the vacancy by appointment, and the appointee serves until the next general election. The county judge is the presiding officer over the Quorum Court without a vote but with the power of veto.

Local Legislative Authority
The Quorum Court exercises local legislative authority for the affairs of the county. These include:

Authorize contracts for the county
Create, revise or abandon any elected office
Fill vacancies in elected county offices
Fix the number and compensation of county employees
The power to levy taxes and appropriate public funds for the expenses of the county
Preserve peace, order, and security