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Stone County Board of Election Commissioners

Ruth Bonds, Chairman (R)

Bud L. Thurman (D)

Stanton Foll (R)


Stone County Election Coordinator

Joey Burnett

Each county in the State of Arkansas has a three-member county board of election commissioners responsible for conducting all elections within its respective county. The membership of the county board is determined by election by each of the respective county committees, two members of the majority party and one member of the minority party, as determined by the makeup of the Arkansas Legislature. Election commissioners serve 2 year terms and must elected by February 28 of each odd year.

The election commission is charged with ensuring compliance with all legal requirements relating to the conduct of elections which includes appointing and training pollworkers, designating polling sites, preparing and securing voting materials, testing and configuring voting machines, and any other tasks necessary to conduct a free and fair election. The commission is also tasked with tabulating and certifying the results of all elections held within its respective county.

The election commission must also designate someone to be an election coordinator to assist with these duties and receive the same training as the commissioners. The election coordinator acts as a liaison between the election commission and county clerk and performs any election related tasks assigned by the election commission.

The county board of election commissioners does not meet regularly, but only as necessary to perform the functions necessary to conduct each election.

Every 2 years, the State Board of Election Commissioners promulgates the rules and procedures for the current election cycle and provides training and resources to the county board of election commissioners to assist them.